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Walking in the darkness
looking for some choclate...
22nd-Nov-2016 01:42 pm
[gw] in the dark 1=2
My feed is composed mostly of posts by megan_moonlight andrea_deer and sharona1x2 which is a bit sad, considering how full of life this place used to be. I did some snooping, and found out that some journals were even deleted, like Krackens :( I know LJ lost it's popularity to facebook, tumblr and soup, but it would be nice to get back a bit with old friends.

Even though I am not writing/reading or drawning nowadays, I turned to cooking. :) Am considering making my own food blog too, though I think Soup would be a better place for that.

I'd be happy to hear what happened when I was gone! :)

And btw - if anyone wants a holiday card from Poland - just give me a shout!
22nd-Nov-2016 10:19 pm (UTC)
I moved almost entirely to Tumblr. I fell hard for the show Shadowhunters and started writing fics again, a LOT of them, and there's nobody here on LJ into this show, so... Good to hear from you.
23rd-Nov-2016 12:36 am (UTC) - What I've done
I've moved on to NCIS. I'm doing a series where Tony is a SEAL. So far there's 20(?) stories in it. I'm also completing each story before I start posting. That way my plot holes are small instead of big enough to ride a Percheron through. So. That's it.
23rd-Nov-2016 08:05 pm (UTC)

What if I want a card, too? XD
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