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This is a decision I make, based on a few instances, where people that I do not know, and honestly, can't trust because of it, have friended me, without a simple explanation. While I always like to meet new people, it is nice to at least know who I am dealing with. So as of now, if you want to be a friend, you can watch or add me, but if you want to read my f-locked posts, which are mainly personal, and sometimes only with fandom-related stuff, please, comment on this entry, so I know who you are, and you shall be added :)
There will probably be more f-locked posts from now on, sorry.

My fiction will be mostly open, only the more NC17, eventual higher rated fics/art shall be f-locked. Same goes with fic/art that was requested and/or done as a present. If the person who asked/received wants it to be f-locked, it will. I will probably go and f-lock all my personal entries, with time. For that I am very sorry, especialy to people from outside LJ, who have been following this journal.

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My feed is composed mostly of posts by megan_moonlight andrea_deer and sharona1x2 which is a bit sad, considering how full of life this place used to be. I did some snooping, and found out that some journals were even deleted, like Krackens :( I know LJ lost it's popularity to facebook, tumblr and soup, but it would be nice to get back a bit with old friends.

Even though I am not writing/reading or drawning nowadays, I turned to cooking. :) Am considering making my own food blog too, though I think Soup would be a better place for that.

I'd be happy to hear what happened when I was gone! :)

And btw - if anyone wants a holiday card from Poland - just give me a shout!
[x men] Charles and Erik na trawce


Udało mi się wyrwać mieszkanie rodzinie, więc nareszcie u mnie w domu! :D Igańska 34 m 30 Warszawa.

Generalnie mam może połowę ludzi w znajomych na fb, więc zapraszajcie, zapraszajcie, kryterium jest takie, że my nie jesteśmy normalni, i inni też nie mogą. Nie lubimy normalnych ludzi. Jak znacie kogoś, kto nie ma się gdzie podziać, to go przyjmiemy! Będzie nas głównie Anglistycznie, i jakieś moje kochane niedobitki z lat przeszłych, które się do mnie nadal odzywają :D (Patrz: Andy)

Na chwilę obecną zadeklarowane mam 9 os, 4 nie są pewne, a część się jeszcze nie odezwała.

Standardowo coś przygotuję, ale przed samym sylwestrem jestem na wyjeździe, wracam 30, więc mam mało czasu, i zachęca się do przyniesienia czegoś ;) Gwarantowane za to są tosty :D Wiem, że kochacie tosty!

Jak co roku - co przyniesiesz to pijesz. Coś tam będę miała, ale nie na tyle, żeby wszystkich obeszło ;)

Jak ktoś ma problem z porannym powrotem, to jak najbardziej może się kimnąć, nie ma problemu :)

Ja mam wyczyszczony komputer, więc sporo straciłam, jak ktoś bardzo chce, może wbić z płytą.

Provided by Andy & Me, możecie liczyć na kretyńskie i żenujące gry, zmusimy was do kalambur i Mafii a jak ktoś ma jakąś ciekawą grę to niech przyniesie :D

Ja was znam. Wy jesteścieleniwi. Wam się nie chce puszczać. Ale jak ktoś się uprze, pod oknem mam duży plac, można iść, no problem :)

Jak ktoś ma pytania, to pisać, dzwonić, łapać mnie na ulicy!
Ew męczyć Andy.

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It's me, and I'm here to ask favours. But I'm asking for my brother!

iswas an arts contest in which my brother and his school are taking part. If they win, the school will get funding for renovation and to buy new equipement, which they could really use. They will also receive a sum of money, which the director already promised to give to some orphanage.

IT IS VERY EASY TO HELP! All you have to do is go and click on a site, provide an email adress, and then click the link you receive.

The site is in polish, so I will give you a step by step tutorial :)

1. Go to http://www.hulakonkurs.pl/zaglosuj,x
2. In the search window write '246' and press search.
3. The search will provide one school, called: "Szkoła Podstawowa nr 246 im. 1 W.D.P i. T. Kościuszki"
4. Click the blue button on the right.
5. write a valid email adress into the window, and tick of the 'I accept the terms of service' box. (NO SPAM - I used my work email, and received 0 spam so far!)
6. Click the purple button below (It has a sighn saing "Oddaj Głos")
7. Go to the email you provided. You should receive a message. Click the confirmation link provided in it..
8. YOU DID IT! :D <3

My brother's school is in the 2'nd place atm, with 20% of the votes. Another school has 21%. There's little time left, so we are trying hard :) This school is close to my family, since my Mom went there, my Grandma worked there for maaaaaany years, and now my brother goes there. If you can spare the 5 minutes, I will be very gratefull.

Thank you all, and sorry to be bothering you all like this. I will be making an update post, and a christmass card post after the weekend, and hopefully will manage to catch up with some of you guys :) Have a nice weekend!
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I'm thinking of changing my LJ layout again, while I still have a paid acc. I had Kuroshitsuji, I have Charik... I think it's hight time I got some Gundam Wing. I need to find a good pic for the banner (the one from my icon is tempting, if I could just find a big enough version), figure out the colours, and get to work. It WOULD be cool if I could figure out a code that would load a different banner picture everytime the page loads, or sth, but I'm not that good when it comes to coding :<
[ohshc] Tama-chan :3

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Andy and Megan came over today, and someone bought me pizza ^____^ I spent half the day in bed, and the other half having lot's of fun. I consider this day to be good ^____^

^ This is how I look ^_____^ Damn I want an icon with that <3
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[gw] Duo from phone

[ART REC] See me spam some awesome pixive art <3

To end this day in an awesome way, and because I have way loo little GW in my life lately, and I need some love, I will share some kick ass art from pixive.


It is a 3-picture series, prepare :)

And one more, just for laughs :)

Can any of you Japaniese talking people tell me what the sighns say? D: *pretty please!*

Well, I hope you all liked :D My day is always better when I find art like this.

Also, if anyone is interested, I have a tumblr, and I reblog a lot of Gundam W stuff (not only GW, but it's a huge part :) You're all welcome to come and stalk me! ^^

S: So getting icons out of these. I DEMAND icons out of these!!! D:
[quaf] Justin Stand Up

Actin should be taken, where change is needed.

I usualy keep such things away from my LJ. I try to avoid drama, and keep any political disputes away from here. However, I belive myself to be a person who can not ignore injustice and suffering, if there is anything, however small, that I can do. I do not live in the US. But I have friends there. And if any of you have not seen this before, be it on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter or anywhere else...

I ask, that you do now. Take a moment. Instead of watching a stupid movie just for the sake of it, or some game, or the other, give those minutes to this film. I think it is a worthy cause.

I have not seen it here on LJ yet.I think it's time we brought it here. The below is taken from a post on tumblr.

Who is Joseph Kony?

Pledge Here: http://www.kony2012.com/
the deadline to stop Kony ends Dec. 31st 2012
If you don’t feel like watching the video, here’s a little summary: 
Joseph Kony lives in Central Africa. What Joseph does is, he abducts African kids. He takes them and he keeps them. He makes the boys killers, usually they have to kill their families. When girls are abducted they are turned into sex slaves and are raped. There is no way out of his group: Lord’s Resistance Army, AKA the LRA. He has adbucted over 30,000 children and had made them child soldiers. he won’t stop what he is doing until he is caught, he found out that the US is now on a making to look for him making him harder to find. Right now, Kony is invisible because no one knows about him.. no one. Tell as many people about Kony as you can and make him visible and know. Donate money if you can. Make him visible. we need change, and we need difference. we need Kony to be famous so we can stop the harm of innocent children.

I do not seek a discussion of weather this will help or not. A discussion on what is right or wrong. I do not seek drama, and so please, keep such things away from this post. There are forums and places for such things, and this is NOT one of them.

You may re-post this. You may not. I will not judje anyone on behalf of this, and I ask, that you do the same.

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