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[PIC] Edward Elric - Oroboros (FMA, PG-13 his shoulders are bare?)

Today a nice thing happened :) I took a new pencil in hand, and wanted to try it out. It ended in my drawing muse coming back, which is a great thing, since drawing sooths me a lot :)

This time it wasn't Duo I drew, or some random funny doodle, as it usualy is, but it ended up being Edward Elric from FMA :D

Though... ok, so my skilz suck, and he may not look much like himself, but whtv.

Enjoy, and I'm off to try and finish that damn Kuroshitsuji pic that lays here somewhere, almost finished except for their HAIR -_____- I so need to finish it at last...

*sigh* Wish one day someone would color one of my drawings... *daydreams*

THIS is how it looked before I re-shaded and re-toned it :/ My scaner dissapoints me >_<

Oh, I tried writing that London post but I just got tired and frustrated halfway through it :/ LJ and PB were not my best friends lately :/ And SendSpace hates me...
Tags: art, doodles, ed elric, fma
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