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Ok. Here are some of my presents for some of the people from my flist :) I wasn't able to do more, and for everyone, sorry :( But I did try, and if the muse will approve, I will have some more for you ;)


I hope this is what you had in mind, and if not, that you at least like them! It took some time to find good photos/pics in the internet, but after looking arround, I discovered the works of Erwin Olaf and Francois Russeau, two famous, and very good photographers. Most of the pics are from their sites. If anyone beside toxictattoo would like them, you need his permission first, since these are a present ;)

And Here: http://femaleshinigami.livejournal.com/12881.html#cutid13 are some av's I did some time ago, that you might also like ^__^

For lilzazu

You asked for a quote, so here is a personal fav of mine: "To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance" Oscar Wilde

And! Here's a recipe for you ^___^

You will need:
1 chcken breast
2-3 eggs
cheese, about 30-40 dag
a spoon of majo/mustard
and a spoon of potato starch/flour

cut the chicken into small pieces, brake the eggs into a bowl add salt, pepper and chicken then the cheese [cut on a grater], majo and flour. We stirr it untill its all the same color. If it's not thick enough, we add some more flour. Then, we put some of it on a pan, using the spoon, and we fry it. You can eat it with ketchup, addm fried potatos or chips, and viola! :D

More should be soon! ^___^
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