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A friend of mine on Deviant Art promised me some time ago, to write me a fic, when I was feeling a little down :) And... here it is! :D She gave me an ok to post it where ever I want, and I will forward all the comments to her :) So, enjoy! :D

Title: Mad World
Author: daemoninwhite [http://daemoninwhite.deviantart.com/]
Pairing: 2+1+2
Rating: PG
Warning: shonen-ai

link to story off site: http://daemoninwhite.deviantart.com/art/Mad-World-70598482

Duo thought that Heero looked the best when he was asleep.

It did something to the usually stoic teenager, something that changed him.

For one thing, his whole body was relaxed. There was no hunched shoulders, no tensed muscles waiting for an attack that had yet to come. Even his hair seemed to lie flatter against his head, as if they had been standing guard too.

While his body was beautiful when he was aware of it, his movements always seemed slightly jerky, as though he was weighing up the pros and cons of the movement in his head while in the middle of doing them. While asleep though, his natural grace shined through, turning something as simple as shifting in his sleep into a graceful show of muscle moving beneath smooth skin.

Or maybe it was just the moonlight peaking in through the half open window, turning the teen into some kind of mercury fae.

The biggest difference –it wasn't an improvement, he'd decided after an hour of watching; just a difference- was Heero's face. His glacial, summer-sky blue eyes that were usually narrowed in annoyance were closed, letting Duo fool himself into believing that Heero wouldn't rip him to shreds should he wake. His face was allowed to relax into its natural appearance, showing gorgeous cheekbones that perpetuated the fae appearance.

Duo had to muffle a self-directed, mocking laugh. He knew how this would look should anyone look in. Two teenagers, each on single beds at the opposite ends of the room. One was hidden in shadow; the occasional flash of moonlight off violet eyes the only indicator that there was life in the bed. The other was bathed in the moonlight coming in from the window above him and looked...

"Beautiful," was whispered into the waiting night.

Duo sighed and slid down onto his bed, uncurling from the fetal position he had been in. He shook all thoughts of Heero from his mind and went to sleep, the mercury fae surfacing in his dreams.

His breathing deepened, giving Heero a sure sign that the braided boy had finally fallen asleep. He soundlessly got out of bed and crossed the room, glancing at Duo as he opened the door at the end of the boy's bed. He knew that the other had been watching him – had done some watching back while he was preoccupied – and knew that he would be coming back to the laughing boy with the sad eyes. He gave an almost smile as he exited, going straight to the area where his and Duo's Gundams were stored. If he wanted to complete his mission and come back he would need some parts.


I am sure she would apreaciate the feedback ^___^
Tags: 1+2+1, fic
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