April 28th, 2007

[x men] Charles and Erik na trawce

Last day of school. Yay?

Today was my last day of school. I.. don't feel it. I know that I only have to pass my exams next month, and I could never enter another school again... but I just don't feel it. Maby because I'm going to go to an University? Well people from my class are already planing to do drinking after every one of the exams O_o I'm not sure I will... I don't smoke cigarets, I don't smoke grass... I can drink from time to time, but not too often... well whatever. I need to write my presentation. I hope I'll have at least 90% from english in both parts of th exam [ the written one, and the spoken one]. I'll probably have 50% from history, and 70% from the spoken polish and 60% from the written. Hmm.. we'll see ^^