August 20th, 2007

[x men] Charles and Erik na trawce

I locked myself out of my home!

This is taken from my personal 'paper' journal. I just wanted to write it in that form :)

19 VIII 2007r.

Ok. So i went to spend the day with my grandmother. I don't see her much, and she really wanted to see me. So, on my way out I locked one of the locks that I had sone problems with before. I thought, if I can lock it, I can open it, right? WRONG!
I couldn't, and now I have to sit outside my own home, waiting for my parents to come back from the summer house. This sucks. At least I have my mp# player, and some spare batteries --'

PS. [it's about 8:30 pm] My butt hurts from sitting on the stone steps. I just hope I won't get sick... :/


PPPS: Oh shit. I was supposed to call my grandma when I get back. And I clearly can't She'll get worrid, and call my home, I won't answer, so she'll get even more worried and will probably call my parents... they will want to check, and call home, I won't answer, so they will get worried too... shitshitshit!!!

PPPPS: It's 9:21 pm. I'm finaly inside >_<'
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