November 23rd, 2007

[x men] Charles and Erik na trawce

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Well.. tomorow, I have the final 'test' at work. After 3 weeks of schooling, we need to present our skils, and analize one of our bosses, who will be playing a client. Also we need to write a test. We get points for the test, the presentation, for being on every session, and for 3 analized people. BUT! My bro got sick this week, and I was the only person that could stay with him. So... I don't have even one analysis (>_<) Which means I won't pass. So... Why am I still practicing, and looking up info? I dunno, but, I'm so mad.. at myself, at my parents... at life in general. I was so happy about this job! And now... 3 weeks have gone and went to fuck themselves. It sucks. God. I need a hug and some comfort food.. *forgets her diet*

Thank you flist. I'd go crazy without all ya guys. And, if you have some nice 1x2x1 fic to reccomend, please do. I SOOOO need it today :(
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