femaleshinigami (femaleshinigami) wrote,

Damn I want my paid acc back... my icons...

There are tons of stuff I should write and post about, but I'm really not in the mood. Got kinda sick, lost my voice, have a fever for the last few days, and m body tries to expel my lungs every few minutes.

I spend a lot of time in bed, and read. I've just finished 'Nine, Eleven, Twelve' (got up to date) and suddenly realised... I'm all out of recs and bookmarks D: I need reading material, or I'll go crazy. Sorry for being such a needy ... thing... but you understand my pain, right?

So if you have any nice, plotty Charles/Erik stuff, or some Gundam W fics with pairings I like, or some Drarry... HIT ME WITH IT.

Pweeez? :<

Also: If anyone is interested in playing League of Legends, or is just bored and wants a game to pass the time, feel free to grab my referrals link

</shameless whoring>

PS: Did ANYONE get my cards? Because I'm starting to get nervous. I know people in Poland did, but not elswere D:
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