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All the recent hype arrounf Gundam Wing, as well as the new manga which basicly re-tells the whole story, makes me start to have hope, that there may yet be a re-make of the anime. Don't get me wrong: The original series will always be the best, and the voice actors will forever be my boys and girls, but it would be nice to get it all in a fresher style, with maybe some better thought out asenarios, etc, less 'HeeeEEEeeeEEEEEroooOOOOooooo come kill me' and more actual action, character developement, and backstory to some decisions. The authors are still out there. I wouldn't mind more back story to, say Lady Une. I wouldn't mind an animated child Duo, or Quatre. Or Meilan. They did a re-make of FMA, why not GundamW? Let's have hope, all this interest arround it, may yet bring some good stuff. I just wish they would have left the FUTURE the heck alone, Frozen Teardrop is something I refuse to read, even though it's GW. I just don't want to spoil my idea of how it all went.
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