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Walking in the darkness
looking for some choclate...
[ART] Chinese new Year Soraka 
1st-Mar-2012 02:29 am
[misc] sexy lady
YET MORE ART! :D I took part in a contest lately. Didn't win ofcourse, but I'm so proud of what I did I just have to share it.

Title: Chinese New Year Soraka
Character: Soraka
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: a bit of boob is showing, and a looot of legs :P
AN: Soraka is a character from an anline game: League of Legends. I've been playing it obsesively lately, and Soraka is one of my fav champions. I am very proud of this piece, because for the first time I tried using Photo Shop more... professionaly... and I think it came out ok :)

Please take a moment to view all the details, and the pencil work put into it. It took a lot of work. Thank you.
(for the pencil version go HERE)


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