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[ART] Chinese new Year Soraka

YET MORE ART! :D I took part in a contest lately. Didn't win ofcourse, but I'm so proud of what I did I just have to share it.

Title: Chinese New Year Soraka
Character: Soraka
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: a bit of boob is showing, and a looot of legs :P
AN: Soraka is a character from an anline game: League of Legends. I've been playing it obsesively lately, and Soraka is one of my fav champions. I am very proud of this piece, because for the first time I tried using Photo Shop more... professionaly... and I think it came out ok :)

Please take a moment to view all the details, and the pencil work put into it. It took a lot of work. Thank you.
(for the pencil version go HERE)

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[gw] Heero Machine

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A quick way to make my mood better?

I randomly opened Toonami Aftermath, and the Gundam W episode was just starting. AND WHAT AN EPISODE! IT WAS MY FAV ONE! :D It was the one where Quatre shows up In Wing Zero, and destroys a collony, while Duo and Wufei are left on lunar base, and the air supply is cut off. I love this ep, and I love the next one, which is a continuation :3 God, I feel like a kid again, but Gundam makes me smile so much, and I love those characters so much it's hard to express ^^

*happy FS is happy*
[gw] duo huh


I'll lose internet connection later today, tomorrow morning at the latest, and I do not know when I'll have it back.

Which is where my desperate plea comes:

I need QUICK RECS. I need reading material, or I'll go crazy. Life is BAD, and I need my feel-better fix.

So, if you have any Charles/Erik, Harry/Draco or (preferably) Duo/Heero recomendations, be it your own fic...


I'm doing my best, going through all my fav authors and sites, but I read it most, or I have no idea what is good and what not :(

PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE help a girl in need? D:
[x men] Charles and Erik na trawce

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Ok, now I want a fic with that XD Or I might even write one after my exams XD Because it would be just so completely SWEET and CUTE and full of rainbows, and reading one anothers lips will never be the same again :D *already has a 1x2 drabble in her head*
[gw] gundam boys red sun

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All the recent hype arrounf Gundam Wing, as well as the new manga which basicly re-tells the whole story, makes me start to have hope, that there may yet be a re-make of the anime. Don't get me wrong: The original series will always be the best, and the voice actors will forever be my boys and girls, but it would be nice to get it all in a fresher style, with maybe some better thought out asenarios, etc, less 'HeeeEEEeeeEEEEEroooOOOOooooo come kill me' and more actual action, character developement, and backstory to some decisions. The authors are still out there. I wouldn't mind more back story to, say Lady Une. I wouldn't mind an animated child Duo, or Quatre. Or Meilan. They did a re-make of FMA, why not GundamW? Let's have hope, all this interest arround it, may yet bring some good stuff. I just wish they would have left the FUTURE the heck alone, Frozen Teardrop is something I refuse to read, even though it's GW. I just don't want to spoil my idea of how it all went.
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[ohshc] Kyouya and Tamaki huuuug

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Just watched an episode of Gundam Wing. I feel like I'm 12 again *teary eyed* God I missed those times, staying up late to watch GW in the tv, obsessing over Duo, crying all the time, having that hollow feeling whenever the episode ended... I just got reminded that my love for this show won't ever pass, no matter what. <3

PS: A friend just send me this: Kyouya as Scar, a Ouran High School Host Club 'Be Prepared' vid, that is made of AWESOME.
[gw] Duo technicolor 2

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The streem all the old Cartoon network shows... INCLUDING GUNDAM WING. Cowboy Bebop. X Men, and many more. I am just speechless! This is so great! I am so watching them! :D I'm so happy tumblr pointed me that way! :D


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