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Every time I see someone sell some GW merchandise, I tell myself: DON'T LOOK, YOU'LL JUST FEEL BAD!

And then I look, and see how cheap it all is, and then I'm sad, because I can't even afford that much :(

One day I will be rich, and I will have all the GW shinies in the world! *determined*
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To end this day on a more positive note...

Meme stolen from katikat

Pick up the nearest book to you.

Turn to page 45.

The first sentence describes your sex life in 2012.

"During the next year or two he had turned up fairly often, coming unexpectedly after dusk, and going off without warning before sunrise."

So, this actualy looks pretty funy in this context ;) A long and often streak of one night stands? ;)
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The XX Grand Finale!

So, yesterday me, megan_moonlight, andrea_deer and my brother, went collecting money for The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. This year we collected to help premature children and to buy insulin pumps for pregnant women with diabetis. It is a very good cause, and hopefully, we all raised a big ammount to help them :) Some of you may remember we also helped last year, and I plan to help again next year :)

WOŚP (for that is the poolish acronym) is I think the biggest, or at least ONE of the biggest charities in Poland. They do way more than just collect money once a year. The 'Finale' as they call it, is the biggest event, yes, but those people work all year long. There is a marathon organised to raise awarenes of diabetis. There are 5 medical programs that they finance all year long: the insulin pumps, checking out the hearing of new born children, the Instant Flow breathing help for newborns, help to prematures and a nation wide first-aid courses for children, young people, and everyone else.

There are more, but as you can see, they not only help, but also by what they do, raise awareness in people, that help is needed. You have no idea how 90% people in this country change on that day. When you are a volunteer, people smile at you for no reason. Couples with little children come over to give some money, and tell the kids what they are helping with. Young and old become aware that everyone can help, and that we SHOULD help, however we can, even if it is to donate 10 cents.

There were many people dressed up as Star Wars characters, I saw a Shreck and Jack Sparrow too :) On 8 pm, there was the Grand Finale with 'A Light Towards Heaven', which is a huge firework event. You can see some of this years photos here. It was very pretty :)

Each year we collect more and more. Last year it was 47 248 415,05 which amounts to about 16,499,157.81 USD. This year they already have over 40 million, and are still counting. I hope they brake the 50 million mark! :D It was the 20'th Finale, next year is lucky number 21 :D If fate lets me, I will be there, with everyone, trying to help others, and having great fun at the same time! :D
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Hello, sinuses.

I've missed you. NOT.


Fucking awesome getting woken up at 4 am by a splitting headache that just WON'T. GO. AWAY.
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Damn I want my paid acc back... my icons...

There are tons of stuff I should write and post about, but I'm really not in the mood. Got kinda sick, lost my voice, have a fever for the last few days, and m body tries to expel my lungs every few minutes.

I spend a lot of time in bed, and read. I've just finished 'Nine, Eleven, Twelve' (got up to date) and suddenly realised... I'm all out of recs and bookmarks D: I need reading material, or I'll go crazy. Sorry for being such a needy ... thing... but you understand my pain, right?

So if you have any nice, plotty Charles/Erik stuff, or some Gundam W fics with pairings I like, or some Drarry... HIT ME WITH IT.

Pweeez? :<

Also: If anyone is interested in playing League of Legends, or is just bored and wants a game to pass the time, feel free to grab my referrals link

</shameless whoring>

PS: Did ANYONE get my cards? Because I'm starting to get nervous. I know people in Poland did, but not elswere D:
[x men] Charles and Erik na trawce

Though-induced Pregnancy, anyone?

Ok. So basicly the internet broke my mind with this, but I need to share, and I hope someone will provide :D

Basicly today I stumbled uppon a post from a site simmilar to Yahoo!answers, where a boy asked if it was possible to get a girl pregnant with his thoughts. Apparently he's been thinking some naughty stuff about her, and then she suddenly told him she was feeling like she was pregnant, and when he confessed, she said he would have to pay her to help bring the baby up.

The title to that was: thought-induced pregnancy.

And it immediately made me think of Charles XD

And thus, I come to you all and ask, if someone feels crazy enough to touch this prompt, or just discuss it here:

Charles uses his mutation to make Erik think he is pregnant/impregnates Erik.

I am considering posting this on some of the Charik comms, but am as of yet unsure XD

But I can't shake this idea, and I think my mind broke, but OMG I can so imagine this, and it would be oh so cracy and PERFECT XD
[ohshc] Kyouya and Tamaki huuuug


Panie, Panowie i Wszyscy Pozostali! (Tak, ty też. Tak ty. Ty właśnie. Ty, co to czytasz. Do ciebie mówię.)

Mam zaszczyt zaprosić Was na niezapomniany wieczór Sylwestrowy organizowany przez użytkowniczki andrea_deer i femaleshinigami (kolejność alfabetyczna).

Data: 31 Grudnia 2011/01 Stycznia 2012 *
Miejsce: Warszawa! **
Temat Przewodni: Gender-Bender ***
Pojemność: Ilu się zmieści (szacunkowo około: 10-15 os max :)

* Dokładniejszy czas zostanie ustalony w czasie późniejszym, w zależności od możliwości gości i gospodarzy.
** Adres dokładny podany zostanie zainteresowanym.
*** Na razie najbardziej inspirującym tłumaczeniem pozostaje Płciowy Twister, ale zapraszamy do tworzenia nowych.

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